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Pilates uses dynamic movement focusing on the smaller stabilizing muscle groups in your body while providing a total body workout. It helps restore the natural curvatures of your spine, improving posture and overall strength. 


STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. 


The STOTT PILATES® method includes modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and most effective methods available. 




Jemark Lopez has been a fully certified STOTT PILATES® instructor for over 8years. With a degree in Physiotherapy, he has excellent knowledge of anatomy and the multitude of injuries and other issues for which Pilates can be of great benefit.  After first seeing the quality of exercises embodied by the Pilates method.  Jemark was convinced that Pilates could play an integral role in helping those with injuries to achieve relief, comfort, and improved strength.  For that reason, he decided to pursue his STOTT PILATES certification in Toronto. 


In Pilates we work the smaller local stabilizing muscles closer to your bones. That’s why the overall positioning and posture of the client throughout the session is so important. It helps stimulate those small muscle groups. 


He tailors to the individual needs of each client and their exercise goals. Whether it’s overall strengthening, rehabilitation of an injury or chronic pain, or weight loss.


He enjoys changing the workout routine frequently and strategically program sessions to challenge the client and ensure they are continuing to benefit from their workout sessions.


Introductory Private Pilates


In your INTRODUCTORY SESSION you’ll learn the 5 basic principles:

  • Pilates breathing

  • how to activate your lower abdominals and find an internal connection

  • correct positioning and alignment of lower abs, ribcage, pelvis and shoulders


After 3 sessions people start to realize results such as posture improvement, making them feel taller and starting to feel stronger through those internal muscles.


Practicing Pilates long term continues to improve mind-body awareness, overall strength and will help improve everyday activities or performance in sport.


A strong core is the keystone to a healthy body.

Private Pilates


Pivate Pilates , are on a one-on-one pilates session. This is most beneficial pilates session because the intructor can design programs to your  specific needs. Working with Private session the intructor can address your individual injuries , postural and strength inefficiencies to ensure you can achieve or exceed your goals that much faster.

Prenatal and Postnatal


Pre- and Post-Natal private session  help you stay physically active, strong and energized during and after pregnancy. Strengthening your core muscles to help mothers have a smooth pregnancy, delivery and recovery. It will also helps reduce back pain during pregnancy and  will help to speed up post-natal recovery. All the exercises are modified to safe and comfortable positions to make the classes as enjoyable as possible. You will use the specially designed props to enable you to perform exercises that would otherwise be too challenging for pregnant ladies.

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